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Lawyers Club established the Community Service Award in 1985 to honor a Lawyers Club member whose local community activities have served to improve the status of women and to promote equality.


Recipients of the Lawyers Club of San Diego Community Service Award:

2020 Honorable Tamila E. Ipema

Lawyers Club is proud to recognize the Honorable Tamila E. Ipema, San Diego’s first Iranian-American judge, as the recipient of the 2020 Community Service Award.

To say Ipema’s service improves the status of women and promotes equality is an understatement. She works tirelessly advancing equal access to justice for all, creating pipeline programs for judicial diversity, and helping women, children and other vulnerable populations in San Diego, and internationally.

Ipema’s passion for human rights is, in part, born from her experiences growing up in Iran. Instead of surrendering to these inequities, at a young age Ipema decided she would defend civil and human rights and stand up for justice at all costs—and she has spent her career doing just that.

2019 Rupa Singh
2018 Johanna Schiavoni
2017 Hon. Yvonne E. Campos
2016 Jerrilyn Malana
2015 Danielle Hickman
2014 Jodi Cleesattle
2013 Tracy Skaddan
2012 Center for Community Solutions
2011 Michele Macosky
2010 Elizabeth Balfour
2009 Erika Hiramatsu
2008 Hon. Rachel Cano
2007 Sheree L. Swetin (Individual)
2007 Casa Cornelia (Organization)
2006 Karin Dougan Vogel
2005 Rosemary Johnston
2004 Alliance for African Assistance
2003 San Diego Volunteer Lawyer Program
2001 Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties

2001 Olivia Puentes-Reynolds
2000 Roel Construction Company
1999 David M. Priver, M.D.
1998 Women's History Reclamation Project
1997 Judy Forman
1996 Greta Glavis and Betty Santohigashi
1995 Women's Resource Center
1994 Josephine Von Herzen, M.D.
1993 Ashley E. Phillips
1992 Abby Silverman
1991 Virginia Nelson
1990 Kate Yavenditti
1989 Ellen Geis
1988 Martin Kruming
1987 Hon. Judith McConnell
1986 Ashley Walker Hooper
1985 Sister Sally Furay

Previously, the Community Service Award could be awarded to an individual or organization. Beginning December, 2014, the Board of Directors voted to limit this award to Lawyers Club members.