About Us

Pursuant to our bylaws, and following a vote of the LC Board of Directors, there will not be an election this year because we have five candidates for five open director seats, with terms to begin July 1, 2021. The board has determined that the five candidates are duly nominated and qualified to serve on the LC Board of Directors, for terms beginning July 1, 2021:

Lauren Bushman
Frantz Farreau
Christine Fitzgerald
Mikhak Ghorban
Suzanne Pollack

To introduce your incoming directors to you, we are including here some information so that you may learn more about them:

 Lauren Bushman

I am running for the Lawyers Club board to try give back to a small part of what Lawyers Club has given to me over the past six years. The accomplished and inspiring, yet personable and humble, members who are genuinely passionate about advancing the status of women in the law have motivated me to want to serve. I would be grateful to contribute at the highest level of the organization, beyond my past efforts editing the newsletter and, more recently, co-chairing the Gender Equity Committee and developing and leading a new business-development focused subcommittee.

I began serving on the Lawyers Club newsletter committee in 2016 as the associate articles’ editor and subsequently took on the role as member profiles coordinator. I currently serve as associate editor of the newsletter. I am thrilled to say that you are reading the 31st issue of the newsletter that I have helped bring to life, along with editor, Suzanne Pollack. I am also the current co-chair of the Gender Equity committee, and I helped organize the 2020 Equal Pay Day virtual event.

I enjoy recruiting diverse members of our legal community and beyond to join Lawyers Club. I not only believe in the inspirational feminist programming and education Lawyers Club provides, but I strive to empower our members to network and build a strong referral community. This will enable women to build their own books of business which leads to increasing the number of female partners and career longevity for female attorneys. To this end, I have recently created the Business Development Group within the Professional Advancement Committee.

When I am not championing Lawyers Club, I practice employment law at TencerSherman LLP. From 2017-2020, I served on the Serving Seniors non-profit Board of Directors as a board fellow. 


 Frantz Farreau 

I joined Lawyers Club the day I was sworn in as an attorney. I joined because the membership development committee chair was such a warm and inviting individual. I have been an active member of Lawyers Club since that day, and am starting my sixth year as a member.

Since I became a member, I have been an active participant in the Membership Development Committee, where I was involved in organizing the quarter cups event in North County. I have remained active in the Membership Development Committee, and am committed to helping increase membership in Lawyers Club. I am particularly interested in forming strategic partnerships with non-lawyers to increase membership. I have also been involved in the Professional Advancement Committee, where I presented on networking for leadership, and I was a member of the Annual Dinner Committee when Olympia Snowe was the speaker.

I am strongly committed to the Lawyer’s Club mission. Throughout my childhood, I watched my mom experience the struggle of operating in the male-dominated world of Emergency Medicine. I can remember the conversations she would have about needing to fight and argue with systems and organizations to be seen, compensated, and acknowledged for the tremendous amount of work that she did. As a result of this, I resonate with Lawyers Club’s mission. I realize that advancing the status of women in law and society advances society. I recognize that equality would have afforded my mom greater emotional and personal bandwidth to bring more of her gifts to the world.

As a Lawyers Club board member, I will be committed to increasing Lawyers Club membership, forming strategic partnerships to increase sponsorships, and helping Lawyers Club develop a networking platform to help members increase their referral business. Thank you for voting for me.


Christine Fitzgerald

I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors of Lawyers Club because I am tremendously committed to advancing the status of women in the law and society.  I am passionate about Lawyers Club because it is an organization that creates authentic connections for its members, which inspires them and provides them with the resources needed to succeed.  I believe that my personality, combined with my passion for the Lawyers Club’s mission and prior leadership experience, will help Lawyers Club continue to grow and thrive.  


I have been an active member in Lawyers Club since moving to San Diego four years ago. I have served as a co-chair of the Law Student Outreach Committee (LSOC) for the last two years.  This year LSOC launched the Mentorship Connection Program (MCP), which pairs law students with attorneys in the San Diego legal community.  MCP provides the participants with a mentoring framework and unique networking opportunities for the law students.  I have also served on several committees such as the Annual Dinner, Red, White & Brew, and facilitated a Dine Around with United States Bankruptcy Judge Margaret M. Mann. Each activity increases my enthusiasm for Lawyers Club and my desire to support the organization.
My commitment to Lawyers Club’s mission extends beyond these positions.  I also formally and informally mentor law students and young female attorneys to help them excel in their careers.


If elected, my goals as a board member are to: (1) increase the number of diverse women on the bench and in leadership positions (e.g. partners, shareholders, and c-suite executives); (2) collaborate with other organizations to provide excellent and inspiring programming; and (3) develop a diverse pipeline of leaders through mentoring.

I would be honored to serve you and respectfully request your vote.


Mikhak Ghorban

I am Mikhak Ghorban and I seek your vote to serve on the Lawyers Club Board of Directors.  

Since joining in 2012, Lawyers Club has helped me find my place in the legal community. Lawyers Club has afforded me opportunities, and I feel compelled to provide similar leadership and career-advancing opportunities to other women. 

I have been a co-chair for four years, a frequent newsletter contributor, and an active member on numerous committees, including Annual Dinner, Community Outreach, Diverse Women’s, Law Student Outreach, Membership Development, Professional Advancement, and Judicial Endorsement. Currently, I am serving a second term as a co-chair of Membership Development. Despite the pandemic, we continue to welcome new members, reach out to existing members, and recruit prospective candidates. This experience has taught me the importance of member retention and organizational growth.

I bring a variety of experience as a solo practitioner and a busy mother to a 12- and 14-year-old. I have first-hand understanding of the work-life challenges women face. Working and residing in North County, I would like to develop programming that increases Lawyers Club’s presence throughout the County.

My experience as a minority female business owner will bring a unique and valuable perspective to the Board. If elected, I will focus on (1) maintaining and developing membership, (2) expanding business opportunities for our members, and (3) advancing programs to increase the diversity of Lawyers Club. 

When starting my law practice, it was the Lawyers Club community who supported me as I built my firm. It is time for me to pay it forward by supporting other members to advance their careers. I am grateful for your consideration, and will be honored to have your vote.


Suzanne Pollack

I am running for the Lawyers Club board of directors, because after a year unlike any other, I felt a calling to be more active in my service to this community. The COVID-19 pandemic has uniquely and dramatically impacted women in the workforce, and now more than ever I believe we need to support one another and promote equality, diversity, and advocacy. Lawyers Club is an organization that succeeds in effectuating this type of change and I would be honored to serve on its board.     

Lawyers Club was the first local bar association I joined during my first year of practice in early 2014. Throughout my career as an employment and medical malpractice attorney at Lewis Brisbois Bisgaard & Smith, I have remained active within Lawyers Club and dedicated to supporting its mission of advancing the status of women in law and society, but have always known there was more work to do. 

In an effort to get more involved, I joined the Newsletter Committee six years ago as its associate editor. For the past four years, I have served as editor of the LC News. During my tenure as editor, I have strived to focus our articles on substantive issues affecting women and memorialize Lawyers Club’s incredible programming. Along with the newsletter team, I also helped create a new revitalized layout designed to better engage our members.

Outside of Lawyers Club, I have served as a co-leader of a local Girl Scout troop since 2015. As a mother to two young boys, I want to show them how important it is to give back and fight for change.

After a year that has changed us all, I remain steadfast in my dedication to continuing the meaningful work of Lawyers Club. I would be honored to have your vote.