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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Nov 6, 2020
56% of California citizens voted not to approve Proposition 16 that sought to repeal Proposition 209 that passed in 1996 by a 55%-45% margin. The repeal of Proposition 209 would have permitted “the use of gender and race as a ‘plus’ factor in college admissions, public employment, and public contracting. It would not have permitted the use of quotas or policies that broadly tailored and do not consider the totality of the individual college applicant, job applicant, or contract bidder.”
This failure reveals that the value of giving women and minorities fair consideration is outweighed by an acquiescence of accepting opportunity gaps for women and minorities. Proposition 209 was the product of the California Civil Rights Initiative co-authored by Glynn Custred, “an anthropologist with California State University, Hayward (now East Bay)”, who explained that for him as “an anthropologist, I know that when you’ve got diversity, you’ve got a problem” and that a “fair, color-blind, race-blind, gender-blind basis” of competition of society is the only “honest and effective way to address inequality of opportunity.”
It is clear decades later that there is no such thing as a gender, race or color, blind society. Studies show that since 1996, “we live in a deeply unequal society, where the tools to compete in society are unevenly distributed in a manner that perpetuates inequality between [genders] and [races] at all levels of class and society.”
The failure of the passage of Proposition 16 reveals that Lawyers Club must continue to advocate for our mission – to advance the status of women in the law and society. To do so we count on the generosity of our sponsors, whose commitment to our mission is a source of strength.
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Yahairah Aristy is a Deputy Public Defender, and is the 2020-2021 president of Lawyers Club of San Diego.