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Posted by: Alana McMains on Oct 27, 2020

Good news for busy lawyers this year: You only need to purchase the top half of a Halloween costume for this year’s Fall Read-In! Every October, the Lawyers Club of San Diego’s Community Services Committee (CSC) teams up with Central Elementary School to hold a fun event where members of the legal community get to dress up in costume, meet local kids, promote literacy by sharing a favorite book, and leave behind much-needed supplies. Due to the pandemic, this year’s Fall Read-In will be held virtually, with lawyers able to throw a cape and witch’s hat on top of their pajama pants and read their selection to the students via Zoom.

Central Elementary School, located in the heart of City Heights, educates a diverse group of pre-K through 5th graders, most of whom are from low-income, immigrant families.  Eighty-five percent of Central Elementary students are English learners with non-English speakers in the home. Lawyers Club of San Diego has partnered with them for over twenty years, and there is no doubt that these young students have had a particularly tough time in 2020.That’s why CSC is especially excited for the opportunity to put a smile on the children’s faces, as well as give them the opportunity to learn about the legal profession – and maybe even inspire some future colleagues! Plus, there is nothing like seeing a judge in a pair of kitty ears to show the kids that judges and attorneys are just regular people like them. Also, consider using Zoom to the fullest by adding a Halloween background or even adjusting your hair color or eyebrows!

Our readers are all set for this year’s October 30th event, but an important part of Read-In is the school supplies that support Central Elementary. If you are interested in donating, you can order supplies for the school directly from Amazon – please e-mail Stacy Roby for more information! And, don’t forget that CSC will be sponsoring another Read-In this spring, and we hope you all can join us then. For information on the Spring Read-In or to volunteer to help with planning, please contact me.

Alana McMains represents plaintiffs at the Pride Law Firm, and she plans on letting her children pick her Halloween costume this year, which might be a terrible mistake.