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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Oct 13, 2020
This week I received a text message from a dear friend stating that, I was surprised to read, she sees my intelligence, strength, grace, and power as a woman of color. I found her text to be very kind, though I normally would not respond to such a message because, while well-intentioned, it makes me feel awkward.
This time I responded. I shared that racially and ethnically diverse people like me want to be seen as humans worthy of all the rights, privileges, empathy, and positive assumptions non-color people experience daily. To be seen means to be seen as a human, while a different skin color, race, or ethnicity, equal, nonetheless. She thanked me for raising her awareness.
On October 15, our Diverse Women’s Committee will host its annual event focused on how women of color, despite being social change agents, have been unsung heroes. They were unsung heroes not because their achievements were not great, but because in society’s eyes they were people of color first, and humans second. In other words, their diversity was not considered part of their human strengths.
The panelists will shed light on how as lawyers we can fulfill the State Bar’s Call to Action “to encourage employers and attorneys to influence and advance an inclusive workplace that supports a more diverse workforce” in its first annual Report Card on the Diversity of California’s Legal Profession (2020).
I hope to see you on October 15! Register HERE

Yahairah Aristy is a Deputy Public Defender, and is the 2020-2021 president of Lawyers Club of San Diego.