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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Sep 18, 2020

The struggles of working parents during this pandemic are real, and none more so than those endured by working mothers who are asking, “Will YOU fight for me?” Allow me to illustrate with a clipped conversation from the 2017 movie, The Bad Mother:

Host: We are here to talk about families and work, clearly state the problem you see with young women with young families.

Mother: Have kids, lose your job. Work, destroy your family.

Host: You have a choice and you exercised it. Motherhood. You can plan how far to space out your kids. You are clearly trying to have it all, and we all know that is impossible.

You chose to leave the seat at the table and now you’re blaming everyone else for the consequences of it.

Mother: No one is talking about having it all, we are just talking about trying to work and have a family at the same time. And that should not be [messed] up!

If we actually work together, we could start a trophic cascade. And we could [undoubtedly] change the system.

I will fight for you. Will you fight for me?

Host: Tearfully, yeah

Lawyers Club is proud to announce a Parents’ Committee has been added to our organizational structure this month because we will fight for you – our working parents.

On September 17, 2020, we will raise awareness to how the pandemic has exacerbated the plight of the working mother and the fight for reproductive justice. Register and join the fight.

Yahairah Aristy is a Deputy Public Defender, and is the 2020-2021 president of Lawyers Club of San Diego.