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Posted by: Elvira Cortez on Nov 27, 2019

As many of you know, Lawyers Club is a volunteer organization. Our board members and committee co-chairs devote countless hours to advance our mission. These leaders devote valuable time to our organization despite handling a full-time practice, being the sole source of income for their family, taking care of family members, and undertaking other leadership roles in the community. As I prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks for my many blessings, I would be remiss not to thank our leadership for all that they do.

For their hard work and dedication, I wanted to thank the following board members, committee co-chairs, and liaisons:

Kim Ahrens, Yahairah Aristy, Brigid Campo, Kate Lee Carey, Shannon Finley, Amanda LoCurto, Jinsook Ohta, Tracy Schimelfenig, Maggie Schroedter, Amanda Singer, Megan Walker, Sara Waller, Julie Wolff, Arlene Yang, Mehry Mohseni, Kelly Gemelli, Rebecca Church, Tarina Mand, Jonah Toleno, Kate Kowalewski, Corrie Klekowski, Brenda Lopez, Danna Cotman, Jennifer Rubin, Casey French, Colette Mahon, Suzanne Pollack, Lauren Bushman, Alina Litoshyk, Carla Sanderson, Laura Evans, Jodi Cleesattle, Kristin Beattie, Lizette Herrera, Kate Langmore, Anna Romanskaya, Catherine Asuncion, Shelly Carder, Alex Rodriguez, Elaine Harwell, Kaitlin Preston, Kara Siegel, Kristen Price, Jennifer Chang, Rebecca Kanter, Becky Zipp, Euketa Oliver, Jessica Sizemore, Rose Bowlus, Olga Alvarez, George Brewster, Annie Smiddy, Winnie Weil, Sherry Thompson-Taylor, Jylan Megahed, Mikhak Ghorban, Audrey Surridge, Jacyln Reinhart, Christine Fitzgerald, Annie Margolis, Chris Todd, Debbie Cumba, Kimberly Miller, Bridget Burns, Jennifer Oliver, Renie Leakakos, Richard A. Huever, Kristin Rizzo, Chandra Moore, Justine Phillips, and Ruth Hauswirth.

You have powered our success, and I am thankful to have you on our team. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Elvira Cortez practices business and commercial litigation and employment defense at Dinsmore & Shohl, LLP and is the 2019-2020 president of Lawyers Club.