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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Mar 11, 2021

Unlike years past, it seems all people were aware of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021. The annual celebration was met this year with a heightened awareness of the value women, past and present, have contributed to society. Even the little people knew it was a special day. For example, Amanda Singer, our wonderful Vice President of Finance & Fundraising, relayed a comment her six-year-old niece asked her teacher: “Are we going to talk about strong women day?” To learn of a six-year-old who has internalized that March 8 is a special day for women—and her young mind changed it to “Strong Women Day”, is reflective of progress made, but also progress that remains to be made so little girls do not have to ask, “Are we going to talk about strong women day?”

We know progress continues to be necessary because on March 9, 2021, only a subset of women finally earned the same dollar men earned by the end of December 2020—that subset of women was Asian American women. All women (on average) will earn the same dollar on March 24, followed by African American women in August, Native American women in September and Latinx women in October. This lack of gender parity demonstrates that attention to women’s history is a daily activity that we all must intentionally engage in and commit to until we do not have a need for Equal Pay Day or until little girls do not have to ask, “Are we going to talk about Strong Women Day?”