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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Apr 1, 2021

Yesterday, we held our annual Speed Mentoring event virtually once again with a pivot to the Remo platform, instead of via Zoom and phone calls like we did last year. Hard to believe that a year ago Lawyers Club pivoted to a virtual format six days after the State’s COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, without realizing then that we would come back full circle and do it again for a second year. Yet, the difference between last year and this year could not be more clear – this  year, we truly can see the light at the end of the tunnel whereas last year – we were in shock, disbelief, worried, and uncertain. 

While it has been an experience we will soon not forget, we have seen the importance of bending with the wind and being open to trying new things. I want to applaud our wonderful Law Student Outreach Committee co-chairs, who have been part of this process last year and this year—Christine Fitzgerald – newly elected board member, and Jaclyn Reinhart, who were joined last year by board member and co-chair Audrey Surridge and this year by board member and co-chair Julie Wolff—these wonderful co-chairs truly reflect the perseverance of Lawyers Club and our commitment to be of service to our members at all times. 

Speaking of LC service to our members will be incomplete without acknowledging the exceptional service of Elaine Lawrence, our longest serving executive director, who will bid adieu on April 30, 2021. Join us on April 28 to honor and celebrate her! And a week later –May 6, join us at our virtual Annual Dinner—it’s going to be spectacular!