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Posted by: Jill Edwards on Jun 1, 2021

From the pristine splendor of a well-engineered and maintained golf course to the hallowed and noble courtroom, one is filled with a sense of awe and privilege to partake in the game or the practice of law.  

One is inspired to rise beyond one’s self-imposed limitations to honor these traditions.

In golf, the object is to make par while following the rules—to defy one’s limitations and nature’s caprice. One quickly sees how a shot, not properly planned or poorly executed, puts one far off the fairway or the green.  In addition to our own limitations, an unexpected distraction or inclement weather could also pull us off course. Our lot is to accept where we land—through our own misjudgment, or the caprice of nature, and pull ourselves out of that spot and back into the running. Sometimes our expertise or good fortune put us at the head of the pack. Then we relish in our success no matter how transitory.

In the practice of law, the object is to serve our client according to the rule of law. Here too, we want to defy our own limitations or the caprice of life, and to serve our client guided by the rule of law. Strategy, preparation, and execution land us sometimes far from what we anticipated. Our lot is to accept where we land—and if not favorable, to devise a way out and redeem the circumstances.  

But there are differences between golf and law, and we should enjoy them. Golf is fun but we take the game seriously. The practice of law is serious, but we cannot help but to find some of the real-life fact patterns fun. No matter the fact pattern, we are there to protect our clients.

So, whether you know how to swing a club or not, it is time to step onto the golf course and see for yourself how the game of golf and the practice of law track each other. You can still challenge yourself, strategize, study the rules, and stay the caprice of circumstance but the goal is to enjoy. Landing the ball in the hole in par might be too lofty a challenge. Your default strategy is appreciating soft breezes or enjoying a libation along the course. Come and give this game of life a try.

Editor’s Note: San Diego Lawyers Club’s Golf Tournament returns June 7, 2021; a limited number of tickets are on sale now.  

Jill Edwards is a Deputy District Attorney at the San Diego District Attorney’s Office and a member of the Lawyers Club of San Diego’s Golf Committee.