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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Jun 17, 2021

Finally, after more than 15 months, this week on June 15, 2021, California reopened. A cause for celebration indeed! 

This reopening marks the start of a new beginning for all of us - as individuals, legal professionals, and citizens - because none of us were spared the harmful effects of the pandemic. The degree of which varies, but none of us were spared. 

As we ready ourselves to fully venture back into the outer world, some will tip toe, some will dive right in, and others will be in-between. Let us remember to be patient and empathic with each other. Let us make a concerted effort to implement the lessons that we have learned during the pandemic as individuals, legal professionals, families, and as valued members of our feminist bar association, Lawyers Club of San Diego. Being intentional in our efforts is the only way to ensure that the lessons outlast the duration of the pandemic. 

As for Lawyers Club, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead this organization during this time with our amazing Board, wonderful Advisory Board, phenomenal co-chairs and liaisons, excellent staff, and our generous sponsors, all of whom collectively ensured Lawyers Club’s magic continued in virtual land.  And while the re-opening comes at the heels of our year ending on June 30, 2021, we are excited for what the future holds as we work to implement the lessons we have learned.

So, how will you be intentional with your lessons learned to make our legal community and society more equal and equitable for all post-pandemic?