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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Jun 24, 2021

Unexpectedly today, when I was in court, I had the opportunity to speak with four law students from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, my alma mater. As I looked at them, my heart filled with joy. Their faces showed their excitement and vitality. I found myself just enjoying the scene because they were all women and women of color to boot – a picture that was not common when I was a law student and the best reminder of why Lawyers Club matters.

As your president, I have been deeply honored and humbled by the privilege to share messages with you in a Lawyers Club year like no other for each of us and for Lawyers Club. Together we have lived through a global pandemic and also witnessed an increase in awareness of the inequities for women and people of color to heights not seen for decades. And we  saw women continue to shatter glass ceilings when the first woman—a woman of color became Vice President of the United States. 

Together we have been members of Lawyers Club during a virtual year that exceeded expectations and created community when we needed it most. Together we have thrived because of the dedication of our amazing Board of Directors, exemplary Co-Chairs, phenomenal staff, our generous sponsors, and my first-rate Advisory Board. This village chose to be indefatigable partners with Lawyers Club in a pandemic year and I am so very grateful. Thank you!

As I pass the baton, I am filled with hope because I know we are energized to continue to fight to advance the status of women in the law and society – our mission since 1972. Fight we must against laws that seek to overturn Roe v. Wade; the pay equity gap that widened due to the pandemic; and gender discrimination that is still alive in the workplace. And we must stand ready to be fierce guardians of our core values –  demand equality for women; lead on inclusivity and diversity; inspire and mentor feminist leaders; defend reproductive freedoms;  advocate against gender-based violence and discrimination; and create value through enriching programs. As I said, I am filled with hope because I know that Lawyers Club stands ready with President-Elect Maggie Schroedter and the new Board of Directors for the challenges that lay ahead. 

In closing, I pass the baton filled with joy and gratitude from the bottom of heart. It’s been remarkable. 

Always in solidarity,