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Posted by: Maggie Schroedter on Jul 1, 2021

As I embark on the biggest leadership role of my career, I have been reflecting upon how I got here. Largely, I listened and followed the advice and counsel of numerous people who encouraged me along the way. Their advice included to join Lawyers Club of San Diego in order to gain leadership skills, volunteer my time to a mission about which I was passionate, and step outside my comfort zone. Those people—whether they know it or not—are my mentors, and I am grateful for their advice and encouragement. 

As my career progressed, I learned that forming connections was the golden ticket to a successful law career. My connections became both my friends and my professional network. They guided me to pursue opportunities and develop business that I otherwise might not have. 

Mentorship is incredibly important in the legal profession, particularly for women and people of color. Mentorship fosters a sense of community and belonging, ultimately leading to greater employee retention and diversity within organizations. Mentees then pass their new-founded skills, confidence, and personal successes onto their organizations. 

I encourage everyone to remember the value of mentorship, and take the time to answer the call of a fellow member in need of advice or counsel. Importantly, keep your fellow Lawyers Club members in mind when referring business. The power of this organization lies in its ability to connect us through our shared mission, and by elevating one another we will ultimately achieve our goal of advancing women. Who do you know that might benefit from these connections? Consider asking them to join Lawyers Club while you renew your membership!