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Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Mar 11, 2021

Unlike years past, it seems all people were aware of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2021. The annual celebration was met this year with a heightened awareness of the value women, past and present, have contributed to society. Even the little people knew it was a special day.

Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Mar 4, 2021

March is very special to Lawyers Club because it is Women’s History Month, a month to recognize “sheroes” for their important past and present contributions to our society. 

Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Feb 25, 2021

This Black History month I introduced you to Charlotte E. Ray – the first African American lawyer in the United States; Judge Jane Bolin – the first female African American judge in the United States; and Barbara Jordan – the first African American women from a Southern state to serve in the U.S House of Representatives. Each of these women attained recognized excellence in their field by fully pursuing their passions and interests.

Posted by: Rupa Singh on Feb 2, 2021

[RBG] assumed the mantle of her unsolicited celebrity so graciously in her later years that she helped more than one generation reimagine a life in the law as simultaneously fulfilling and cool.

Posted by: Alexandria Hopson on Jan 21, 2021

What are you?” A question I constantly have tried to find a correct answer to growing up. My appearance next to my Caucasian mother would often collect second glances from others in the grocery store, at restaurants, or even school events. Once, I had a doctor who apparently did not read my chart before coming in the room, who suggested a course of action he thought best for “Hispanic women.” I should clarify, I am a half-Caucasian and half-African American woman. This is why, on November 7, I ugly cried as Kamala Harris was confirmed as the first female to be elected vice-president—a woman of color elected to the second-highest office in the nation. 

Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Jan 7, 2021

Yesterday morning while I was cross examining witnesses, I was oblivious to the fact that the ultimate symbol of our democracy, the U.S. Capitol, was assaulted in the most shocking and horrific manner. This was an affront that has not occurred since British forces sieged and set to fire the US Capitol and the White House in 1812. This was possible because our First Amendment rights to peaceful assembly and speech were abused with appalling depravity not warranted under any circumstance. The peaceful exercise of our fundamental rights is to promote the greater good regardless of divergent perspectives, not to commit violent atrocities. 

Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Dec 31, 2020

As we bid adieu to the upheaval of 2020, we know that 2020 will soon not be forgotten. It has been an extraordinary year filled with unprecedented challenges that, absent a crystal ball, we could not have imagined during our lifetime. The challenges brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic stripped the veil of privilege and opened our eyes to its true meaning at so many levels especially race, socio-economic, career, relationships, health care and internet access. 
As a bar association during this extraordinary year, we recognized the privilege that we had to support our membership through —relationships and connectivity —empowerment and positivity —leadership and professional development. We committed ourselves to pivot with a laser focus on how to innovate to elevate our Service, Inclusion & Advocacy efforts for our members. 

Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Dec 1, 2020

As we entered the last month of 2020 —December, and the ninth month of the COVID-19 pandemic, for each of us the world has changed in ways that we did not imagine before March 2020. Terms like socially distanced, six feet apart, face masks, quarantine, immediate family, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, what tier are we in, vaccine, Dr. Fauci, have become part of our daily vernacular.  We long for the day when we can convene and enjoy each other’s company without the fear of COVID-19.  Most of us in the legal community are privileged to be able to pivot to the new normal without despair and hope.  

Posted by: Yahairah Aristy on Nov 12, 2020

On November 7, 2020 history was made when a woman was elected vice president of the United States. This historic moment comes on the heels of the appointment of the fifth woman to the U.S. Supreme Court, Justice Amy Coney Barrett. In 1789, the first Vice President was a man, followed by 47 more men. That homogenous representation has now ended. The 48th will be a woman: U.S. Senator and Vice President-elect Kamala D. Harris.

Posted by: Valerie Hong on Feb 4, 2020

It was a crisp Sunday afternoon in Coronado. Everyone was dressed in their “Sunday best” like we’d just sang “Hallelujah” hours earlier. Only, it wasn’t church. It was one of the first Women of Color in Law lunches.

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