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Since 1972, Lawyers Club has been at the forefront of issues affecting of women in the law and society. Our focus then was on gender equality as we, and countless others across the country, worked tirelessly to pursue ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. The State of California ratified the ERA, but support was insufficient for approval by Congress. Each year since 1983, the Equal Rights Amendment has been reintroduced into Congress and has yet to be passed.

In 2019 the Board of Directors adopted a new strategic plan which reaffirmed our commitment to advocate for gender equity and diversity, combat sexual harassment and other harms based on gender, advocate for reproductive rights, promote equity and inclusivity in the workplace, and advance changes to the law that further our mission.

Explore Lawyers Club initiatives in these areas:

Lawyers Club endorsed City of San Diego Measure B (which was passed in the November 3, 2020, election) because it would permit independent and thorough investigation of allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct, physical assault, and domestic violence, as well as improve the transparency of the police department’s record of such complaints against police officers. Take ACTION: Join the Advocacy & Reproductive Justice Committee to vet proposed legislation affecting women. See Press page.

Lawyers Club endorsed Proposition 16 (which failed in the November 3, 2020, election) because we advocate for gender pay equity and support the advancement of women as well as people of color. Proposition 16 would have repealed the California constitutional amendment added by Proposition 209 in 1996. Take ACTION: Join the Advocacy & Reproductive Justice Committee to vet proposed legislation affecting women. See Press page.

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered all of our lives, professionally and personally. Take ACTION: Explore these work-from-home resources we have curated for you. [LINK]

Lawyers Club partners with National Conflict Resolution Center and The San Diego Union Tribune in the Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative which strives for work environments in San Diego free of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. TAKE ACTION: Employers: Partner with us – sign the Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative Pledge. Join Lawyers Club’s Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative committee.

In 2019 the Workplace Equity & Civility Committee of Lawyers Club developed Pay Equity Guidelines and resources for employees and employers. Take ACTION: Explore the pay equity resources . Sign on to the Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative. Join Lawyers Club’s Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative committee.

Lawyers Club committed in 2018 to a Diversity Policy to providing programs with at least one member from an underrepresented group - women who identify as women of color, women with disabilities, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, non-binary, or any combination thereof - and of all or mostly women. Take ACTION: Get involved in any of our committees, including the Gender Equity Committee. Attend Lawyers Club events.

The Sexual Harassment Task Force was created to explore issues surrounding sexual harassment in the legal community and to create solutions to help prevent women from leaving the practice of law due to sexual harassment in the workplace. The Task Force developed toolkits for use by employees and employers in the legal community and in other industries:

Lawyers Club launched its efforts to combat human trafficking in 2014, and today the Human Trafficking Collaborative raises awareness and addresses the overwhelming and growing problem of human trafficking in our region. HTC is a unique collaboration among San Diego organizations committed to fighting human trafficking. Take ACTION: Join the Human Trafficking Collaborative. Get involved in issue education, survivor services, advocacy and outreach, and support for non-governmental organizations through HTC.

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