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The Lawyers Club of San Diego Fund for Justice is our charitable arm that allows us to effect positive social change by reaching out to "at-risk” women in the community. Since 1999, we have made 171 grants of $455,000 to 48 organizations.
Lawyers Club of San Diego Fund for Justice Statement of Purpose
To make charitable gifts in the name of Lawyers Club of San Diego (“Lawyers Club”) and its members to facilitate education, research, funding and programming by grantees addressing social and legal issues related to the mission of Lawyers Club, to advance the status of women in law and society, including but not limited to:
  1. Domestic and sexual violence against female victims with emphasis on legal services, education, awareness and prevention
  2. Gender discrimination, harassment or bias against females; and
  3. The unmet legal needs of females, particularly programs that support and improve the administration of justice.
In addition, another goal of the Fund for Justice is, in appropriate charitable contexts, to facilitate volunteerism and community service by members of Lawyers Club, and to bring positive public attention to the efforts of members of Lawyers Club in service to their communities. From time to time, the Board may adopt a strategic priority or issue, which the Fund for Justice should consider in both soliciting grant applications and recommending the award of grants. 

Limitations: The Fund does not make grants or loans to the following:
  1. Organizations which are not 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations;
  2. Organizations having a religious, political or lobbying purpose, but not organizations where these activities are incidental to the primary organizational mission;
  3. Organizations whose primary function is to allocate funds to other charitable organizations or projects; or
  4. Projects outside San Diego County.
Apply for a Grant: Once per year the LC Fund for Justice Committee accepts applications for grants. See how to apply here.

To Donate to the Fund for Justice:
By credit card: Visit secure donation page for the Fund for Justice.  

By Mail: Use this form to donate by credit card or check payable to "The San Diego Foundation"; reference "Fund #6137" to:
The San Diego Foundation
Attn: Lawyers Club Fund for Justice (Fund #6137)
2508 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92106-6138

All gift contributions to The San Diego Foundation become assets of The San Diego Foundation and are irrevocable as tax deductible gifts. The San Diego Foundation reserves the right to review and approve all contributions. The San Diego Foundation Tax Identification Number is #95-2942582.