About Us


To advance the status of women in the law and society.


Core Values

Lawyers Club:

  •    Demands equality for women

  •    Leads on inclusivity and diversity

  •    Inspires and mentors feminist leaders

  •    Defends reproductive freedoms

  •    Advocates against gender-based violence and discrimination

  •    Creates value through enriching programs





In the early 1970's there were few women lawyers in San Diego County. However, San Diego was the focus of the movement in California to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, which faced opposition in the State Senate. The 24 practicing women lawyers in San Diego at that time formed a new bar association to provide a vehicle to address issues of gender discrimination in the law, in the profession, and in the community. This group challenged sexism as the norm and refused to be excluded from the bench, bar, board, or from having lunch a downtown restaurant, The Grant Grill, where the “old boys” met to do business. The restaurant’s brass plaque boldly read “No Women before 3:00 p.m.” In defiance, a small group of women attorneys made a reservation under a male colleague’s name and pressured the restaurant to honor it.

Founded in 1972, Lawyers Club of San Diego’s mission is to advance the status of women in the law and society. Lawyers Club is the largest specialty bar association in San Diego with members of all genders, including attorneys at public agencies, law firm managing and equity partners, retired and active federal and state judges, current and former U.S. Attorneys, current and former San Diego District Attorneys, San Diego Public Defenders, Federal Defenders of San Diego, as well as law firm associates, law students and others in the San Diego community who share our mission. We are a proud affiliate of the National Conference of Women’s Bar Associations, the National Association of Women Lawyers, and California Women Lawyers.

The name "Lawyers Club of San Diego" was selected to indicate this is not a club exclusive to women but is open to all who are committed to fair treatment under the law regardless of sex. The name was the brainchild of Prof. C. Hugh Friedman, who later became President of the San Diego County Bar Association. In July 1972, Judith McConnell, Sharron Voorhees, Christine Pate, Lynn Schenk and Louise De Carl Malugen were elected as directors of the association. Our membership continues to grow each year, illustrating the value it provides to its members to advance the mission.