United We Rise

Lawyers Club of San Diego Celebrates 50 Years!


Since 1972, the mission of Lawyers Club of San Diego has been to advance the status of women in the law and society. Now entering our 50th year, we are proud to continue our endeavor advocating for true equality. And we are so excited to invite you to join us in our 50th anniversary celebrations!


As part of our 50th anniversary, we are collaborating with the San Diego History Center (SDHC) to create an exhibit, debuting in March 2022, dedicated to our "herstory." The exhibit will remain on display for one year. Afterwards, part of it will live on at SDHC and part will live with Lawyers Club for ongoing use as a traveling exhibit. We sincerely hope you will consider a contribution to help us in the endeavor of capturing and sharing our story. Please click here to explore the benefits of our various contribution levels and/or to make a contribution. Thank you!


As past Lawyers Club president Vickie Turner observed at our 25th anniversary, Lawyers Club was founded “amidst the backdrop of national social activism. Throughout the world, women were spreading their wings and flexing their muscles to challenge traditional notions of gender equality.” Lawyers Club’s founders set the stage for many others by making brave statements rejecting gender discrimination and sexism as the norm.


Many know the story of the Grant Grill, for instance. Before Lawyers Club’s official founding, a brass plaque at the restaurant stated, “No Women before 3:00 p.m.” Today a brass plaque commemorates the day Lawyers Club founders made a reservation under a male colleague’s name and demanded the restaurant serve them, forever changing doctrinaire policy.


Our tradition of courage in the fight against inequality is strong. In our first year, Lawyers Club was crucial in taking on the California Legislature to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which faced staunch opposition from the California Senate. (Despite our success, the ERA has still not passed at the national level, which speaks volumes. Indeed, there is much work remaining.)


Roe v. Wade was published in 1973, but still today, Lawyers Club fights for the rights of women to have full say over their bodies. We have been active in amicus curiae work and legislative endeavors since our inception addressing a broad array of topics, and we are very proud of our nonpartisan influence.


For over the past 50 years, our members have been shaping the feminist movement in San Diego’s legal community and far beyond. Many of our members have had the honor of being “the first woman.” Many Lawyers Club past presidents and members have gone on to serve on the bench too. Today, a Lawyers Club endorsement is vital to those with judicial aspirations.


Our members also make a difference by giving back to our community. For instance, our Fund for Justice 501(c)3 has provided about a half a million dollars in grant funds to nonprofits serving women and children in San Diego County; our Human Trafficking Collaborative raises awareness and addresses this overwhelming and growing problem; and our Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative, a collaboration with the National Conflict Resolution Center and the San Diego Union Tribune, is making great strides in our community too.


Additionally, our many programs and events help support everyone on the path to equality. Plus, our members tell us they've made their closest and best professional contacts via Lawyers Club, and in many cases these professional relationships develop into long lasting personal friendships. We're very proud to bring people together on a daily basis.


Although our work is not finished and we still have much more to accomplish, we are thrilled to celebrate 50 years, along with our dedicated partners - along with you! Again, we await with great anticipation the launch of our exhibit at SDHC to celebrate our history. Your contribution will help ensure Lawyers Club’s important work continues for years to come.


Cheers to 50 years!

As a 501(c)6 organization, this contribution is not tax deductible, but may qualify as a business expense; please check with your tax advisor.