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Lawyers Club is dedicated to educating the legal community about the importance of gender equality, workplace equity, and social justice.

Lawyers Club is committed to diversity and inclusion within the community and within the organization. We acknowledge that women are underrepresented in the legal profession and should be included in any diversity policy within the field.

Lawyers Club's Diversity Policy requires at least one member from an underrepresented group be on our programs or panels. Seen any law-related "manels" (panels with men only) lately? Send us a copy. We want to raise awareness of the issue of underrepresented groups on law-related program panels.

The Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative was born out of two separate, yet similar, movements; one from the office of City of San Diego Council President Pro Tem Barbara Bry and now spearheaded by Lawyers Club of San Diego, and the other from the joint efforts of the National Conflict Resolution Center (NCRC) and The San Diego Union Tribune. Now a collaborative effort, The Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative seeks to transform workplaces throughout San Diego county and beyond. The Workplace Equity & Civility Initiative asks all San Diego employers to adopt the commitment to partner with us and others as we strive for work environments in San Diego free of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. Visit the website here.
Since 1990, we have conducted a survey of San Diego law firms and public agencies to create visibility surrounding the unequal representation of women and minority groups in the legal profession. See 1990 - 2016 equality surveys from our archives here.


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